As an online store owner, you need a distinctive storefront one that sets you apart from the competition and can be modified easily to meet your superior business requirements.  Brand Sailor develops eCommerce sites that scheme your image and are spontaneous for customers. Also incorporate with merchant accounts and integrate with shipping system. And of course that are straightforwardly customizable to grip the continuing fluctuating requirements of your business.



Search Engine Friendly

We know the importance of SEO. And it will really help your eCommerce business to expand more and more.  At the time of eCommerce development we optimize every aspect to make your eCommerce website more SEO friendly.

Customize Your Products

You have full control over your products, limitless, fully customizable options to flexible product rules and inventory tools.

Discount & Promotion Management

Create and manage discount codes, Add discount codes to categories, brand or products, Add discount codes that affect shipping, Set codes as “active” or “inactive”, Ability to set percentages off, amount off or a set price, “Auto Apply” discount codes when product added to cart option, Set and manage dates code is active, Set minimum and maximum quantity requirements for discount codes, Set number of times code can be used before automatically becoming inactive.

Manage Order Efficiently

Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables, Manage and updated order status, View order number and all customer information, View order information and purchase details (products, tax, shipping, addresses, etc.), Add private notes to the order, View shipping and billing address maps, Create and manage custom order statuses, Receive email when order is placed, Export orders to Excel.

Customer Management

  • Search and sort to easily find customers by first name and last name
  • Manage customer accounts
  • View customer details and previous orders
  • View individual customers product reviews
  • Add private comments to a customer
  • Delete customer accounts
  • Reset customer passwords
  • Export customers to Excel
  • Export customer subscribed to email newsletter to Excel (import capabilities for 3rd party email systems)

Good Navigation

Navigation is tremendously vital on an e-commence site, users should be capable to effortlessly access numerous sections of the site, along with a quick link back to the shopping cart.

Newsletter Subscription

Allow users to enter their email address to stay up to date with your offers and promotions, having this feature will allow you to build your mailing list for your to use in marketing campaigns.

Powerful Search Option

Having a search box positioned well, will allow your visitors to quickly search for the product that they are looking for. Your customer will be facilitated  by our powerful search option with this regards.

Featured Products

By presenting featured products on your home page or on the side columns of your site will notify your visitors of top selling products, sales offers or it can be a general products that you want to push further and make sure they get noticed.

Related product

This is a great up selling feature, which will show your customers what other products they can purchase together with what they are currently viewing, an effective way for more sales.

Flexible Shipping Module

Fully complete, flexible shipping features, Select between International Shipping, Charge for shipping based on weight or order value, Offer free delivery over a set order value or weight to increase sales, Multiple carrier support, Define and manage your own delivery zones.

Superior Support

Our dedicated support team will help you with the whole thing from setting up your store to making your online business a success.


  • Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics
  • Ability to change dashboard statistics to reflect specific date ranges
  • Dashboard date-range reports include store sales by amount, store sales order volume, new customers vs. returning, top selling products, top selling brands, most used discount codes
  • Dashboard general reports (not based on date range) include low inventory reporting, total products in store, total categories in store, customer count, lifetime orders and lifetime revenue
  • Single reports, outside of the dashboard, include sales by date range, top selling product by date range, low inventory by quantity and new customer by date range.


Benefits of E-Commerce to the Companies

Market Expansion

E-commerce helps your company to easily go beyond the market of your territory and can reach the customers of the other countries of the world. It can bring business partners from around the globe.

Company Visibility

E-commerce websites increases the visibility of your company to the people of the world. It attracts new customers.

Cost Minimization

You will find that your company is gradually minimizing cost in terms of advertising and marketing, office space, paper-wok, number of employees etc. It eventually reduces the cost of the product.

Business Research

E-Commerce helps you do effective market research for your company. It helps identify customer need as well as new business opportunities.

Fast Service and Support

You definitely would look forward to exist in the competitive market. You have to provide fast service and support to the customers. E-Commerce enables you to know the customer need and provide support instantly.

Information to Customers

E-Commerce website of your company will provide sufficient information about your company and product necessary for the customers.

Benefits of E-Commerce to the Customers

Convenient and Quick

You might need a medicine that you are not getting from your nearby pharmacies. You can easily get the medicine online, order it and receive the delivery in the quickest time.

Cut Time and Travel Cost

You do not need to take your car and go to a market to buy your necessaries. Just order online and feel free. It saves your time as well as the cost related to your travel for shopping.

Reasonable Price of Product

E-Commerce initiates competition among the companies. So they are forced to offer discounts that ultimately benefit the customers.

Uninterrupted Support and Services

You being a customer would like to get support at the time you face a problem or you want a product immediately. E-Commerce is the best solution for you as it provides the opportunity for the customers to get support and service at anytime and anywhere.

Available Information

The flourishing E-Commerce provides a lot of information when you as a customer need to research before making a purchase.

More Options to Compare

E-Commerce offers you varieties of options that you can compare and choose the best one you are looking for.

Benefits of E-Commerce to the Society

Economic Benefit

E-Commerce provokes high competition among the companies resulting in price reduction of products. Therefore, people find the products affordable.

Public Service Delivery

Government uses E-Commerce for providing public services like education, health care and social services at a very minimal cost.

Access to Information and Service

E-Commerce enables people – living even at the remotest place in the country – get access to the information and services.

Reduce Traffic Related Hazard

E-Commerce eliminates the need of people to travel across to buy a product. Therefore, less traffic on the road reduces traffic jam.

Is eCommerce a threat for traditional business ?

Rather it complements the traditional business. E-Commerce gives new dimension to the traditional business. E-Commerce can help the traditional business in the following ways.

Selling and Purchase

In traditional business, customers have to come to the companies to buy products. E-Commerce helps business reach more and more customers and get more profit. On the other hand, the company can easily reach the suppliers to get the necessary supplies.

Flow of Information

E-Commerce helps traditional business make the information available to the customers and proper information brings more customers.

Cost Reduction

E-Commerce reduces many costs of traditional business. It reduces the promotional cost, paper-work cost, office space cost and employee cost and eventually reduces the product cost.

Visibility and Promotion

E-Commerce ensures the visibility in the global market. Thus a traditional business can grow quickly capitalizing the visibility as more visibility ensures the promotion that brings more customers.

Quick Customer Services

Traditional business takes time to provide customers while E-Commerce helps provide quick customer service.

Market Expansion

Trough E-Commerce, traditional business can expand the business beyond its territory and reach the global market.