Wilylab Human Resource Management (WHRM) system encompasses a structured approach from talent acquisition, nurturing, managing tenure life-cycle, compensation & benefits and smoother employee disengagement.

Employee Self Service Management

The employee self-services features in WHRM permits personnel to accomplish and maintain their personal data, thereby not only enlightening the superiority of employee information but also drops the managerial workload for the HR team. This feature also enhances to employee satisfaction by giving them entrance to their company forms and other important facts.

Personal Information Management

The Employee Information Manger (EIM) can be deliberated as the core module of the whole WHRM software. EIM is the base module where all the important employee facts, records are saved. Hence it is a compulsory constraint to host the EIM in order to employ any of the other WHRM modules. EIM saves employee information fluctuating from basic employee personal information to work related obligatory particulars. A host of other important modules such as Payroll, Time & Attendance, Absence Management, Performance Management and so forth would be recovering the data stored in the EIM. Therefore it is one of the first modules to which data should be fed out of all the modules of the WHRM. A powerful feature of the EIM is its great user friendliness and easy maintenance.

Payroll Management

In a most general approach a payroll represents the total amount of salaries an organization pays to its employees. It is a financial record of the employees’ earnings and deductions.

An automated payroll system helps the management of the payroll process of an organization in a more effective manner. It is accurate as an automated payroll system streamlines data entry, thus human error is prevented. It is very efficient; it would process the payroll information fast. It is cost effective. The benefits of an automated payroll system are endless.

There are several ways in which a payroll can be automated. Deploying the payroll software in-house, moving to a web based system or outsourcing the function to a third party.

Recruitment Management

Deploying a well-organized system helps to assess suitable candidates reducing unnecessary time, cost, effort and replicating processes.

WHRM’s Recruitment Module will be a perfect answer for this requirement, helps managing an entire recruitment and selection process effectively. Further, it added extra value to the general recruitment and selection process by allowing relevant outside people to provide candidate information online.

In addition, the recruitment module has a special feature to maintain recruitment budget throughout a comprehensive recruitment and selection cycle.

Time and Attendance Management

The Time & Attendance system in WHRM is a great solution which accelerates tracking, reporting and managing attendance of workforce around the clock. The method allows you to capture data from any time recording device, monitor employee attendance, design shifts & rosters linking with WHRM, Payroll and Leave for perfect rewards management. Automated techniques make sure that faults are escaped and the maximum time is saved.
This system will shrink the cost of administration and make sure that precise records is captured and transferred to the WHRM and Payroll applications.
Areas such as overtime, late attendance, no pay, work hours and midnight crossover are also accommodated by the system. The user is provided with the ability of selecting which areas are to be included in the attendance procedure.
Facilitating this feature on the web gives attendance administrators as well as management to be able to view such cost and efficiency factors on demand, any time anywhere.

Performance Management

With the emerging need of having a competent staff to maintain the competitive edge, the human resources function increasingly focuses on improving performance management as a hub of talent engagement. A well formalized performance appraisal method would define the level of excellence of enterprise-wide execution of business strategies. The robust structure of the performance module enables the organization in aligning its workforce towards corporate objectives and goals.

Seamless integration with the Training & Development solution and the Talent Assessment solution, the module adds value to an organization in managing and leveraging the talent capability / quality and alignment.

Leave Management

An automated Leave Management System can be helpful to both the employee and the employer. Once an employee submits a leave application, it will go through an approval workflow before he/she is granted the leave. Such a system can ease the lives of both the leave applying and the approval parties namely the subordinates and the supervisors.

Leave Management can be performed accurately as employees’ leave is recorded systematically for long time periods. Employer and the employee can anytime access the system to find the leave specific details.

Leave Management Module, a significant module of the WHRM, covers the entire life cycle of the leave applying, approval and management process.


Training & Development

Conducting training & development programs for employees of an organization is a lengthy process that involves several phases. From the starting point of identifying training needs up to the end point of evaluating the training the whole process should be carefully handled.

WHRM’s Training & Development module has provided a comprehensive solution by automating each and every phase of the process. It an easy to use system that can be utilized by employees belonging to different work categories.

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment covers numerous phases such as charming talented people, hiring them, choosing the talent, proficiency mapping, training & improvement, retention, promotion, performance appraisal, career planning and progression planning.
Talent Management method is very complicated and is, therefore, very difficult to grip. The sole determination of the entire process is to place the correct person at the right place at the right time. The key concern is to establish a right fit between the job and the individual.
The talent management features of WHRM assists in handling the entire talent management procedure with structures to increase the productivity and the usefulness of the talent management process.

Manpower Planning

Sustaining a suitable employees energies your organization headed for its corporate purposes effectively overcoming unpredicted obstacles that can seriously affect any organization’s total output.
It is an indeed challenge to design a precise capability of human resources since it contains a lot of appraising, examining and forecasting relating to the past experience and potential future trends which can be dominant. The key goal of HR planning leads to hire the right number of people in the right jobs at the right time at the right cost.
A well-organized HR planning procedure benefits to decrease waste in employing people, diminish uncertainty of current personnel levels and future needs by abolishing mistakes in staffing.
Concerning all the risks involved with the HR planning in an organization, WHRM proudly hosts the Manpower Planning Module which simplicities you to process your HR planning activities in a flexible way.

Employee Life Cycle

An employee faces certain movement(s) in his/her occupation in an organization. Employee activities (events) should be cautiously identified and controlled at the correct time. The most common types of employee activities can be identified as. Promotions, Changing designations, Transfers, Salary increments, Rewarding, etc.
Employee Life Cycle features, an important module in the WHRM, accelerates to process employee activities in an well-organized way.

Analytical Tool

As a stand-alone tool, the Analytical Tool permits the users to produce their own enquiries based on different necessities and understanding them in a user-friendly way. The users create the enquiries consistent with their desires and then the projected reports will be produced by using a standard set of information. The tool has the capability to combine multiple database types. The outputs are produced in numerous altered forms to improve the user responsiveness.
The purpose of developing Analytical Tool is to deliver the users the maximum flexibility to make their preferred output by using the software applications developed by WilyLab in a stress-free and faster way, hence improving their efficiency as a result.


Time Tracker is a complete web based timesheet management application service. Access your time sheets anytime, anywhere.

Time Tracker is designed to enhance accessibility to employees’ timesheets from anywhere enabling up-to-date information on the time spent on tasks. With the ability to keep track of time utilization and expenses, organizations can make the best use of their workforce, enhance customer relationships and improve their business performance.

Time Tracker automates and streamlines business processes for project tracking, helping project managers stay within budget. Regardless of your working environment, be it large or small with a simple or complex structure, Time Tracker provides an easy to use cost-effective solution to timesheet and expense management.

Rewards & Recognition

The employees are the only asset in an organization which has the capability of handling situations using the knowledge and experience acquired by them. They are the ones who make powerful influences over the total productivity of the organization aligned with the organization’s set objectives. Therefore, it is very important to keep the employee satisfied before making them motivated in their span of job responsibilities.

The power of employee reward and recognition will directly affect employee satisfaction which is fairly involved with the employee retention in an organization. Maintaining a good rate of retention through an effective reward and recognition method will save and improve the knowledge which an organization has gathered.

The Rewards & Recognitions Module introduced by WHRM will ease to handle the employee rewarding and recognition process by integrating with the related HR modules available in your organization.

HRM Dashboard

In a highly competitive business environment where challenging and dynamic changes take place in business processes human capital improvement has become an essential necessity. In the same atmosphere evaluating the HR performance has become a key attribute.

Availability of actionable information about day-to-day operations in a format which is right for your organization enables sound decision making and increased productivity. Hence the dashboard becomes a vital tool for monitoring the daily HR health of your organization.

Dashboard is a chart wise representation of details derived from modules used in the HRM Enterprise suite by clients.

Organisational Structure

This module features the creation of organization structures and designs, which represents the skeletal framework of the organizational behavior and creates the starting point for planning the allocation of human resources within the organization.

Organizational structures allow maintaining the information of the physical locations of the organization with all divisions, departments, units enabling the user to drill down to the employee level to view and modify employee information.

It also allows the creation of different reporting structures that exist within the organization (such as direct and indirect reporting) enabling graphical representations, thus having the ability to link with the workflow of the organizational approval processes (e.g. Leave, Loans).

HRM Reports

WHRM Reports module provides access to a host of reports. The user is provided with the facility to arrange and organize reports methodically to be accessed easily at any time. Various different authorized users/user groups are allowed to access the report navigator and generate reports required for various decision making purposes. The Report Navigator is a web based module facilitating all its users’ easy access and use.